Season 3-6

Season: 1-6 , Episodes: 25, Faction: Survivors


Rose Nadler (née Henderson) was one of the middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. She was on the plane with her husband Bernard and was separated from him for 48 days following the crash. Rose was a well-meaning, caring woman who was apparently healed from her terminal cancer after arriving on the Island, similar to Locke. After time-travelling to 1977, Rose and Bernard lived in peaceful seclusion in a cabin near the beach, refusing to get involved in any kind of conflict. They reemerged briefly to help Desmond before returning to their hut and were some of the last survivors remaining on the island when the series ended.

In the flash-sideways, she and Bernard moved on along with their friends.

Days 90-91

Following the implosion of the Swan station and the capture of Jack, Kate, and Sawyer on day 67, Bernard and Rose were not seen on-screen until day 90, so little is known about what they did during this period of time.

3×21 – Greatest Hits


After Rousseau retrieved dynamite from the Black Rock, Rose (with a different hairstyle) and Bernard searched through the plane wreckage to find wire in order to detonate the dynamite. The pieces of wire had to be strongly knotted together into longer lengths, something Bernard seemed to have trouble doing well. Rose, who was much more adept at the task, showed Bernard how to knot them correctly.


She was later concerned for Bernard as he planned to be a shooter of the explosives during the Others’ beach raid, but didn’t stop him doing so. Jack stated that only the shooters are staying behind, which was followed by Rose’s objections. She asked him if he can promise her Bernard will be safe, only for Jack to promise that if they don’t kill the Others, it’s not going matter where Bernard is. Rose sarcastically responds that Jack almost became an optimist since he returned. (“Greatest Hits”)

3×22 – Through the Looking Glass, Part 1


Before leaving with the others for the radio tower, Rose reminded Bernard that he was “not Rambo” and warned him that he should be careful. At night, after leaving the beach, Rose and the other survivors heard only two of the three expected explosions. Rose grew deeply concerned, and angry at Jack, saying “If you say ‘Live together, die alone’ to me, Jack, I’m gonna punch you in your face.”

3×23 – Through the Looking Glass, Part 2


Before reaching the radio tower, Rose and Sun were delighted to hear that their husbands were alive and well. She reached the tower with everyone else and was overjoyed when Jack finally made contact with Naomi’s ship. (“Through the Looking Glass, Part 1”)

Days 91-100

4×01 – The Beginning of the End


Rose celebrated with the other survivors while waiting for rescue. She even jokingly implied to Claire that she should have sex with Charlie upon his return, because he saved the day. After journeying to the cockpit, she reunited with Bernard. When Locke showed up to recruit people for his side, Bernard offered to go with Locke, because Rose had vowed never to leave the island. However, Rose’s contempt for Locke made her stay with Jack, and Bernard followed. (“The Beginning of the End”)

4×10 – Something Nice Back Home


A week later, Rose and Bernard hassled Charlotte and Daniel, wanting to know about the freighter. Their bickering was interrupted by Jack, who needed emergency surgery to remove his infected appendix. While washing down a table for the surgery, Bernard saw that Rose looked rather unsettled. Rose then questions Bernard as to why Jack was sick. Bernard chalked up Jack’s illness to bad luck, but Rose thought that it wasn’t a coincidence that Jack was ill, because people do not get sick on the Island.

Bernard tells her that sometimes people simply just get sick, to which she replies “Not here. Here, they get better.” (“Something Nice Back Home”)

4×12 – There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1


The next day, Rose, along with some other survivors, discussed what to do following the discovery of the satellite phone, just dropped from the helicopter. Later that day, Rose watched some of the other survivors leave in the Zodiac, heading for safety on the freighter. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1”)

4×13 – There’s No Place Like Home, Part 2


Later, she berated Miles for taking food from the survivors’ supply without permission. Miles belatedly asks permission, and she warns him that she’ll be watching him. Rose did not leave for the Kahana on either of Daniel’s raft trips; she remained on the Island when it was moved. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Part 2”)

Time Flashes

5×01 – Because You Left


After the Island was moved through time by Ben, Bernard ran out of the woods yelling for Rose. Rose then ran out of the woods as well, and the two were reunited. Both then asked what the loud noise was and why the sky lit up. Sawyer told them not to panic and just head back to camp, but Bernard said they couldn’t go back to the camp because there was no camp anymore. He says that the kitchen, tents, and everything was gone. (“Because You Left”)

5×02 – The Lie


At camp that night, Bernard tried get a fire going, with Rose critiquing his technique nearby. Neil and Rose promptly argued, as Neil was being stubborn and whiny about the lack of fire and food. Shortly afterward, the camp was attacked by flaming arrows. Everyone ran into the jungle, agreeing to meet up by the stream when they reached safety. Rose and Bernard were among those who survived and continued running to safety. (“The Lie”)


5×16 – The Incident, Part 1


Rose and Bernard later reappeared when Sawyer, Kate, and Juliet escaped from the submarine. Rose, initially, appeared unhappy that they had been discovered. The couple revealed the small cabin in which they had been living with Vincent for the past three years. 


They expressed that they were happy living peacefully on their own, away from the violence and drama that the other survivors had always been involved with. Rose, whose cancer clearly was no longer affecting her, showed no signs of concern about a nuclear weapon on the island, and promptly directed the group towards the Barracks, saying farewell. (“The Incident, Part 1”)


6×17 – The End


Rose and Bernard were the ones who rescued Desmond from the well. Rose gave Desmond shelter before telling him that it can only be temporary, as she “broke [their] own rule” by helping him.


Soon after, it becomes clear why the rule existed, as the Man in Black (Locke) and Ben followed Bernard back to his camp. He told Desmond that he would kill the couple if he did not help extinguish The Source, and Desmond agreed, with the caveat that the Man in Black not hurt Rose or Bernard. He found the terms acceptable, and the two were left in peace again. Unbeknowst to them, the Man in Black was killed and the Island saved by the efforts of Jack and Desmond (“The End”)

Rose and Bernard most likely lived out the rest of their lives on the Island, under Hurley’s leadership.

In the flash sideways world, Rose and Bernard were again happily married. She still had terminal cancer, and she worked at a temp agency in LA.

Aboard Flight 815

6×01 – LA X, Part 1


Rose seemed to be confident with flying, as she assured Jack about the safety of planes, noticing his nervousness. After she commented that her husband was still in the bathroom, turbulence rocked the plane, though shortly after, the turbulence stopped. Bernard returned from the bathroom, commenting on now knowing “how laundry feels in the dryer.” Rose commented that she missed him, and the two kissed. (“LA X, Part 1”)

After the Flight

6×04 – The Substitute


Rose worked as a supervisor in a Los Angeles temp agency that was owned by Hugo Reyes. When a frustrated, wheelchair-bound John Locke came to the agency seeking a position, she claimed she also knows about being “realistic” due to her terminal cancer. Rose ultimately convinced Locke to give up his attempt to work in construction for another job that he can actually do – a substitute teacher. (“The Substitute”)

6×17 – The End


Rose’s memories of her previous life were somehow restored. She was present with Bernard at Eloise’s church when the group reunited and ‘moved on’. (“The End”)

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