Shop Clerk

Season: 2, Episodes: 1, Faction: N/A


The Shop clerk was the man who sold the winning lottery ticket to Hurley.


Fertility (Water)




2×04 – Everybody Hates Hugo


When Hurley & Johnny pulled into to a convenience store to refuel their van they saw a commotion and a news crew.


The news crew were interviewing the shop clerk, who pointed at Hurley in the van as he was the one who bought the winning lottery ticket at the store.

On the Island


He later appeared next to Jin, wearing a chicken suit (presumably to represent Mr. Cluck’s), in one of Hurley’s dreams. He blinked each time the sound of the countdown timer alarm beeped in the dream. (“Everybody Hates Hugo”)

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2x04 "Everybody Hates Hugo"

(Khentekhtai) The translation of the name Khenty-khety, whose name is rendered in Greek as Kentechthai, is uncertain, although the meaning of the khenty- element is clear; it means ‘head’ or ‘chief’, and is found in numerous divine names and epithets. Khenty-khety, who had his cult center at Athribis (Tell Atrib) in Lower Egypt, is depicted as a crocodile, or a crocodile-headed man, or, later, as a hawk-headed man. His consort is Khuyet (Khuit). A calendar cites the 23rd day of the month of Khoiak as “the day on which was found the heart [of Osiris] which was in the possession of a crocodile who watched over it: this is Khenty-khety. He had hidden it under his own heart at Athribis,” (Papyrus Jumilhac 136). Similarly, in a spell to heal a cat (no. 87 in Borghouts), the operator affirms “You cat here—your heart is the heart of Khenty-khety, the lord of Athribis, the chief of the Gods who keeps hearts and breasts firmly in their places. He has kept your heart in its place, your breast in its frame.” Accordingly, Khenty-khety is sometimes associated with the judgment of the deceased by the “weighing of the heart” in spell 125 of the Book of the Dead. Khenty-khety is often fused with Osiris or with Horus as Horus-Khenty-khety, Khenty-khety-Osiris or Osiris-Khenty-khety, or even with both at once, under the names Horus-Khenty-khety-Osiris-residing-in-Athribis or variants.


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