Black Sun

The term Black Sun (German Schwarze Sonne), also referred to as the Sonnenrad (the German for “Sun Wheel”), is a symbol of esoteric or occult significance, notable for its usage in Nazi mysticism. Today, it may also be used in occult currents of Germanic neopaganism, and in Irminenschaft or Armanenschaft-inspired esotericism – but not necessarily in a racial or neo-Nazi context.

Historical background

The design has loose visual parallels in Migration Age Alemannic brooches (Zierscheiben), possibly a variation of the Roman swastika fibula, thought to have been worn on Frankish and Alemannic women’s belts. Some Alemannic or Bavarian specimens incorporate a swastika symbol at the center. The number of rays in the brooches varies between five and twelve.

Goodrick-Clarke (2002) does connect the Wewelsburg design with the Early Medieval Germanic brooches, and does assume that the original artifacts had a solar significance, stating that “this twelve-spoke sun wheel derives from decorative disks of the Merovingians of the early medieval period and are supposed to represent the visible sun or its passage through the months of the year.” He further refers to scholarly discussion of the brooches in Nazi Germany, allowing for the possibility that the designers of the Wewelsburg mosaic were indeed inspired by these historical precedents.

The Wewelsburg Mosaic

The shape of the symbol as it is used within Germanic mysticist esotericism and Neo-Nazism today is based primarily on the design of a floor mosaic at the castle of Wewelsburg (built 1603), a Renaissance castle located in the northwest of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

During the Third Reich the castle was to become a representative and ideological center of the order of the SS. Heinrich Himmler, the leader of the SS, wanted to establish the “Center of the New World”. A focus of the actual SS-activities at the castle were archaeological excavations in the surrounding region and studies on Germanic early history.

The sun wheel is significant for the Germanic light- and sun-mysticism which was propagated by the SS. In their studies on sense characters, the sun apart was interpreted as “the strongest and most visible expression of god”, the number twelve as significant for “the things of the target and the completion”. The mosaic at Wewelsburg itself is dark green on a whitish/greyish marble floor. Probably a golden disc was originally located in the middle of the ornament.

According to studies commissioned by the Third Reich regarding the beliefs of the pre-Christianized Germanic peoples, it was estimated that these pagan ancestors believed in “a grand force or a grand god in the background of the multiplicity of gods and spirits who becomes visible in a multiple way in the universe, on earth and in the life of all beings and facts”. So the sun was interpreted as “only one, but a very important and big expression (of that force or god) in the surrounding events and in the life of the ancestors”.

The Vienna Circle

The “Black Sun” is often associated with the mystic-esoteric aspects of National Socialism. Origin of a phantastic post war “SS mysticism” which refers to the “Black Sun” is a right-wing esoteric circle in Vienna in the early 1950s.

The former SS member Wilhelm Landig of the Vienna Circle (esoteric) “coined the idea of the Black Sun, a substitute swastika and mystical source of energy capable of regenerating the Aryan race”

Rudolf J. Mund (also a former SS member and later also member of the Vienna Circle) discusses a relationship of the Black Sun with alchemy. The visible sun is described as a symbol of an invisible anti-sun: “Everything that can be comprehended by human senses is material, the shadow of the invisible spiritual light. The material fire is – seen in this way – also just the shadow of the spiritual fire.”

Nazi and Neo-Nazi significance

The term Black Sun may originate with the mystical “Central Sun” in Helena Blavatsky’s Theosophy. This invisible or burnt out Sun (Karl Maria Wiligut’s Santur in Nazi mysticism) symbolizes an opposing force or pole. Emil Rüdiger, of Rudolf John Gorslebens Edda-Gesellschaft (Edda Society), claimed that a fight between the new and the old Suns was decided 330,000 years ago, and that Santur had been the source of power of the Hyperboreans.

The Wewelsburg symbol can be deconstructed into three swastikas; a “rising”, a “zenith” & a “setting” one, the design is popular among German Neo-Nazis as a replacement for the outlawed singular swastika symbol. Another interpretation is that the symbol incorporates twelve reversed “Sig runes” of the Armanen runes.

Allegedly, the design was drawn for Heinrich Himmler from an “old Aryan emblem”, and was meant to mimic the Round table of Arthurian legend with each spoke of the sun wheel representing one “knight” or Officer of the “inner” SS. According to James Twining, “The symbol of the Black Sun unites the three most important symbols of Nazi ideology – the sun wheel, the swastika and the stylized victory rune.” and that it is symbolic in its form representing “the twelve SS Knights of The Order of the Death’s Head and their three retainers).

Contemporary Esotericism

Black Sun Oasis, (located in Akron, Ohio), is a chartered local body of Ordo Templi Orientis.

The Black Sun Rising Pylon is a local body of the Temple of Set in New York, NY.

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DHARMA Initiative Logo (Symbolic Representation)

The DHARMA Initiative is represented by a series of distinct eight-sided logos, based on the traditional Taoist Bagua or pa kua (“eight trigrams” in Chinese). One is believed to be a general logo, representing the Initiative as a whole. The other logos seem to be designed specifically for each of the various DHARMA Initiative

activities, in particular for the stations on the Island. These station logos are spray-painted on walls and printed on various items in the stations; they are also featured in the orientation films.

General info

The logos are octagonal and the outer parts of the octagon are derived from the I Ching. Most of the logos also feature the word “DHARMA” across its center, except for the Hydra, the Pearl, the Flame and the Looking Glass logos that feature it below the center. The main differences between the logos lie in the circular central part, which contains a unique symbol for each station. Four of these symbols are drawn on the blast door map. With the exception of the Staff logo which has red in its central part, all of them appear in black and white. When the logo is painted on a wall, the outline seems to have gaps. However, this is probably due to the stencils used to spray paint the logos.


The logos are usually black on a white or neutral background, unless they are seen as a graphic on a video where the colors are inverted to a white logo on a black background. However, the Pearl logo is white on black background, even when it is presented outside of a video. For example, although the Swan logo is a black logo on white background, the colors are inverted for the Swan Orientation Video. On the other hand, the Pearl’s logo is always inverted in color, even if not found on the video itself.

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[ No direct connection to Nazism or Neo-Nazism is implied to the “LOST” series, the writers, producers, production company, network or any individual associated with the production. ]

Analysis & Rationale

While it is true the actual DHARMA Initiative Logo comprises the Taoist “Bagua”, the occult nature of the series should undoubtedly lead the reader to look below the surface of all things presented in LOST and dig a little deeper. The show itself is ingeniously encoded on a multitude of levels with multiple interpretations found on each level (like all great works should be). This page and the connections presented are one possible interpretation.

It should be understood from reading the information on this site that the primary focus in the creation of this series is the Egyptian Pantheon and the ancient mythological narratives found within it. Each “hero character” established from the pilot episode is Egyptian and the audience is meant to identify with these individuals during their journey on the Island.

As the series progressed the audience is introduced to a variety of characters (both Egyptian and Greek deities) on the Island and during flashbacks/flashforwards and flash sideways. Two main factions of Island inhabitants were eventually identified as The Others and the DHARMA Initiative, and since a positive focus is placed on the Oceanic 815 Survivors & The Others (Egyptian Pantheon) the DHARMA Initiative is polarised in the negative role of the technologically superior “invaders of the Island”.

[ Please review the “LOST History” page for detailed information on the DHARMA occupation of the Island. ]


The relationship between these two factions is clearly portrayed as combative (The Others are referred to as “Hostiles”) with ongoing conflict established during the flashback in “The Man Behind the Curtain”; and witnessed first hand by the survivors (on both sides) throughout the fifth season when they travelled back to the 70’s and integrated themselves into the DHARMA Initiative.

Alvar Hanso (DHARMA Initiative Founder)

According to his biography on the Hanso Foundation website, Alvar Hanso was the Danish founder of the Hanso Foundation. He was involved in providing munitions to resistance groups in Europe during the Second World War, and following this was the leading purveyor of high-technology armaments for NATO.

Historically Denmark was invaded during WWII by Germany in 1940, and continued economic co-operation with Germany until 1943 when the Danish government refused further co-operation. These details provide further evidence to connect the two factions and as can be seen on the image of Europe above, Denmark borders Germany.

Opposing Forces


Outside of the visual similarities between the Black Sun symbol and the DHARMA Initiative logo, a symbolic connection is made in the article above:

“This invisible or burnt out Sun (in Nazi mysticism) symbolizes an opposing force or pole.” 

Both the DHARMA Initiative (Greeks) and The Others (Egyptians) are rendered opposing forces or poles to each other on the Island. Neither appear to fully understand the opposite and precariously co-exist with a “truce”, which appears to be broken quite frequently. The Others view the DHARMA Initiative as an “invading and occupying” force on the Island, which ultimately results in their complete extermination during “the purge”, which is seen during Ben’s flashback in “The Man Behind the Curtain” (who plays a large role in its execution).

World War II and the DHARMA Initiative

If one was to look at modern historical factions seen in both World War I and II, the two opposing forces were the Allies and the Nazi’s. Since the Black Sun has been used in Nazi symbology, a subconscious association could be implied by the writers to the DHARMA Initiative on LOST; further reinforcing the polarization of these two factions and automatically linking the audience with the Survivors/Others (Egyptians) who would then identify symbolically with the Allies. It is worth mentioning that 90% of all the Survivors and Others cast in LOST were Americans.

The DHARMA Initiative logo itself utilises the ancient Taoist Bagua (Asian) symbol, and subconsciously this may be seen as an additional link to WWII where the Japanese and Nazi’s allied themselves against the west. Clearly stamping the DHARMA Initiative in a negative position subconsciously with the audience. It is also important to remember that LOST is basically a “history lesson for modern audiences” and symbolising events that transpired a mere 60-70 years ago, in contrast to events taking place thousands (possibly tens of thousands) of years ago would provide relevant accessibility and reference (subconsciously) to the audience as opposed to ancient events and narratives only a small fragment of the population would recognize or have any awareness and knowledge in.

The Purge


During World War II the Nazi’s exterminated vast numbers of innocents in the concentration camps, utilizing “toxic gas” as one of the means by which to “purge” the prisoners and these victims who were not cremated were systematically dumped into mass graves. It is worth considering the similarities between these methods and the events that transpire during the DHARMA Purge in “The Man Behind the Curtain”. It is vitally important to understand the occult methodology employed in LOST, whereby symbolism and actions of a character are flipped or reversed (making it difficult to decipher). Actions and symbolism are performed against the character, as opposed to performed by them. If this is applied to the DHARMA Initiative (and their purge) further subconscious connection can be made between the two factions.

3×20 – The Man Behind the Curtain


A prime example of reversed occult symbolism can be seen with Benjamin Linus (SET, Egyptian God of War, Evil, Darkness and Chaos). On the surface, the purge of the DHARMA Initiative can be seen simply as one opposing force expunging another, but looking deeper into the symbolism of these actions the roles are reversed. Horace Goodspeed (APOLLO, Greek God of the Sun and Plague) is killed in a poison gas attack, by Benjamin Linus and the Others).

If one was to observe his character throughout the series; he is seen to be attacked or beaten in almost every episode he is featured, even by benign characters such as Sun. A clear display of reverse character symbolism and a huge clue to decoding the multitude of LOST characters.

5×16 – The Incident


Looking back to World War II, one can additionally see parallels between the fifth season finale, “The Incident” and the Japanese defeat/surrender after American forces dropped the atomic bomb on Japan. Faraday formulated a plan to detonate the hydrogen bomb and theoretically reset the original timeline. The survivors acquired the U.S Army’s WWII Hydrogen bomb from the Others and after a battle with the DHARMA Initiative at the Swan construction site, Jack dropped the bomb into the shaft and Juliet subsequently detonated it. Ending the DHARMA Initiative’s active participation in the series, until the events seen in the epilogue “The New Man in Charge”, where Benjamin Linus shut down DHARMA Initiative permanently.

Sun Worship

Since before antiquity the sun has been worshipped by every culture on Earth and by extension the Black Sun is a continuation of this worship focussed in a negative polarity.

As stated at the top of the article, the pre-Christianized Germanic people believed in:

“a grand force or a grand god in the background of the multiplicity of gods and spirits who becomes visible in a multiple way in the universe, on earth and in the life of all beings and facts”. So the sun was interpreted as “only one, but a very important and big expression (of that force or god) in the surrounding events and in the life of the ancestors”.


On the Island, the leader of the DHARMA Initiative was Horace Goodspeed (APOLLO, Greek Sun God), while the enigmatic head of the Others was eventually revealed to be Jacob (RA, Egyptian Sun God). Both cultures worshipped the sun in its various orientations (sunrise, noon, sunset) and multiple Greek and Egyptian sun gods are featured in the series:

Greek: Apollo, Helios and Hyperion  |  Egyptian: Ra, Horus, Khepri and Atum

Symbolic Sun Logo/Graphics


To counterbalance the Black Sun (DHARMA Logo), the survivors are identified by Oceanic Airlines. (Please review the Eye of Horus page for detailed information on its connection to the Oceanic Airlines Logo.) Each logo is a stylised representation of the sun, a mono DHARMA Initiative (Anti-Sun) and full colour Oceanic Airlines (Sun); taken with reference to the information presented above, each are polarities of the same element. A theme played out extensively throughout the series and in particular with the conflict between Jacob (RA) and the Man In Black (APEP) seen in the final two seasons.

The Black Sun (stylistically disguised using the Bagua) can be seen to symbolise the occult nature of the characters, the faction and to a greater extent the show in general. It is important to remember that all films and television series are written to manipulate the audience into identifying with and caring for an individual or group.

Consider this, as a viewer were you saddened by the death of any DHARMA Initiative members seen during LOST? How did you feel about the death of a major Oceanic 815 character? and did you shed a tear during the end of the series finale?

Image Analysis 

DHARMA Initiative Logo

To decode the DHARMA Logo is it necessary to visualise the “trigram” elements (representing ying or yang) which surround the outside of the DHARMA text as symbolic of the sun’s rays which extend from the central element.

Each trigram is split vertically creating two groups of three rows, these three rows are then merged to create two individual rays per segment; in total creating 16 individual rays. Once the outer octagonal and the DHARMA logotype is removed, the logo can be clearly seen to resemble a Black Sun. It is acknowledged that the DHARMA logo is not identical to the Nazi Black Sun symbol, but undoubtedly representative of a Black Sun nonetheless.

 Black Sun Symbol

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