Season 5

Season: 3-5 , Episodes: 49, Faction: The Others/Survivors


Dr. Juliet Burke (née Carlson) was a fertility specialist who was recruited to the Island by Richard Alpert. On the Island, she tried to solve the fertility problems, but was unsuccessful. She had an affair with Goodwin, until a jealous Ben sent him to the Tailies, where one of them killed him.

After the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Juliet was sent as a mole to the Survivors camp, however Juliet betrayed the Others and chose to stay with the survivors. Jack and Juliet became very close, until Jack and five others escaped on the helicopter from the Kahana. After the Oceanic 6 left, however, Juliet, along with Sawyer, Locke, Jin, Daniel, Miles and Charlotte began to randomly skip through time. After Locke turned the Wheel, and Charlotte died, the other survivors settled in 1974 with the DHARMA Initiative for three years with Sawyer, who she was in a relationship with, Jin and Miles until Jack, Kate and Hurley returned.

Knowing their cover was blown, Juliet helped Jack with his plan to change the past. As she, Sawyer, Kate and Miles aided Jack at the Swan site, she got pulled into the shaft. Down the shaft, she noticed the bomb, and in a desperate attempt to save everyone’s lives, she detonated it. The explosion sent the survivors to 2007, where Sawyer tried to save her, but was unsuccessful, and she died in his arms. With Miles Straume acting as a medium over her grave, she told Sawyer “It worked”, although Sawyer didn’t know what she meant by this.

In the flash-sideways, she was reunited with her lover, James Ford and along with their friends, they moved on.

Time Flashes

5×01 – Because You Left


Juliet and Sawyer noticed the Kahana had disappeared completely. A frantic Rose and Bernard then told them that the beach camp had disappeared too – they were periodically traveling through time, said Daniel. Juliet suggested checking the Swan station’s condition to check the date, and they found it intact. (“Because You Left”)

5×02 – The Lie


They returned to the beach, where Juliet found the Zodiac raft traveled with them, but Daniel refused her suggestion to board it. That night, an unknown group fired flaming arrows at the camp, and Juliet escaped, nearly dying trying to save a wounded survivor. Sawyer and Juliet searched the jungle for other survivors, but a gang led by young Widmore captured and interrogated them. They nearly amputated Juliet’s hand, but Locke saved her. (“The Lie”)

5×03 – Jughead


The gang began speaking in Latin, and Juliet realized they were Others. She asked to see Richard, and though Widmore broke his partner’s neck and fled, Locke led them to their camp. There, they freed a captured Daniel. A flash of light shifted them through time soon after. (“Jughead”)

5×04 – The Little Prince


Charlotte fainted with a nosebleed, and Juliet examined her and questioned Daniel. They returned to the beach and sailed toward the Orchid in a canoe, and Juliet talked to Sawyer about his seeing Kate during a flash. Then a second canoe began shooting at them, and Juliet returned fire till another time shift set then to 1988. (“The Little Prince”)

5×05 – This Place Is Death


Juliet’s nose began to bleed. The shifts came for frequently, but they reached the Orchid, and Juliet marveled that they’d arrived when at a time when it existed. Time shifted again though, replacing the station will as well. Locke descended, Juliet thanking him, and when time shifted yet again, apparently burying him, she had to hold Sawyer from digging him out. (“This Place Is Death”)

With the DHARMA Initiative (1974-1977)

5×08 – LaFleur


Charlotte died, and Juliet consoled Daniel. Sawyer suggested returning to the beach, and Juliet backed him up though she thought it a stupid plan. They stumbled upon two Others holding a woman captive. When they attacked Sawyer, Juliet shot one of them. They returned the captive to the Barracks, where the DHARMA Initiative offered to send them back to the mainland either the next day or in two weeks. Juliet wanted to leave immediately, have tried to leave the island for three years, but Sawyer convinced her to wait, and she ended staying for three more, moving in with Sawyer. She worked as a mechanic, but Sawyer recruited her one day to deliver Amy’s baby. (“LaFleur”)

5×09 – Namaste

Their relaxed time together ended though when Jack, Hurley and Kate returned to the Island. Juliet added their names to a list of new recruits and helped Kate when an employee suspected her. Jack visited that night, discovering her and Sawyer’s relationship. (“Namaste”)

5×10 – He’s Our You

Juliet later discussed her relationship with Kate at the motor pool. (“He’s Our You”)

5×11 – Whatever Happened, Happened

Sayid had also returned to the Island, and when he shot young Ben, Juliet operated in vain. She again turned to Jack for help, but he refused, and she tearfully blamed him for even returning to the island. Kate though offered to take Ben to the Others, and Juliet persuaded Sawyer to help. (“Whatever Happened, Happened”)

5×13 – Some Like It Hoth

When Roger Linus noticed his son missing, she covered for Kate. Phil soon discovered their conspiracy though, and Sawyer and Juliet had to bind and gag him. (“Some Like It Hoth”)

5×14 – The Variable

They explained the situation to Jack, and the survivors discussed options. Juliet, Sawyer and others decided to start fresh at the beach, but she gave Kate the sonic fence’s code so she could take Daniel to the Others. A firefight brought security to the house though, and Radzinsky discovered Phil. (“The Variable”)

5×15 – Follow the Leader


They interrogated Sawyer about where Kate had gone, then Phil hit Juliet to get Sawyer to talk. In exchange, Sawyer demanded passage off the Island, whereby they were exiled on the submarine.   (“Follow the Leader”)

5×16 – The Incident, Part 1


After they boarded the sub, Kate arrived and convinced Juliet they had to stop Jack from detonating a bomb. Juliet broke them out of their handcuffs and ordered the captain to surface. They sailed to shore, where they met Rose, Bernard and Vincent. Juliet turned down their invitation to renounce their quest, and they went on, waylaying Jack’s van.

5×17 – The Incident, Part 2


She broke up his and Sawyer’s fight, but Sawyer’s attention to Kate convinced her to reset time, so she’d never have to lose him. She convinced Sawyer, and they covered Jack as he dropped the bomb down the Swan’s shaft. The Incident began, and a metal chain dragged her down, despite Sawyer and Kate’s efforts. She revived at the bottom of the staff and hit the bomb with a rock till it detonated. (“The Incident, Parts 1 & 2”)

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