Season: 5, Episodes: 2, Faction: French Science Team


Nadine was one of the members of the science expedition that arrived on the Island on a life raft in a storm in 1988.

Fertility (Water)

Leadership (Queen)

On the Island (1988)

5×04 – The Little Prince


Nadine arrived on the Island with the rest of her science expedition team in November 1988. After their ship was destroyed in a storm, they arrived on shore in a life raft. (“The Little Prince”)

5×05 – This Place Is Death


While hiking through the jungle to a radio tower with a time-traveling Jin and the rest of the science expedition, Nadine suddenly went missing; leading to a frantic search of the jungle by her comrades.


Her beaten and bloodied body was discovered after it dropped from the canopy above. The team had ventured into what Danielle would dub the Dark Territory, while Nadine had become a victim of the Monster. (“This Place Is Death”)

On the Island (2004)

1×23 – Exodus, Part 1


Nadine is first mentioned when Danielle Rousseau lead the survivors to the Black Rock to fetch dynamite. She mentioned that she was the first to get “infected” upon entering the dark territory. (“Exodus, Part 1”)

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Danielle Rousseau

Jin-Soo Kwon

Magnus Hanso

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The Man In Black

Key Episode(s) to Decoding the Character

5x04 "The Little Prince"

5x05 "This Place Is Death"

The Dark Territory

The Dark Territory was an undefined region on the Island. It was notable for being the home of the Black Rock, Rousseau’s camp, and where the Monster was highly active. Its location was several hours somewhere northeast of the survivors’ camp.

Territory’s name

This region was apparently named by Danielle Rousseau, who called it the “Territoire Foncé”. On her map she labeled it, “L’ENDROIT LE PLUS DANGEREUX” (Translated: “The most dangerous place”). (“Whatever the Case May Be”).

The Black Rock Shipwreck


While the ship was still close to the Island, a powerful storm swept into the area. The Black Rock was caught and was swept inland by an enormous wave some 200 feet in height. The ship collided with the statue of Tawaret, destroying it before being deposited in an area of the jungle that would later be referred to by Danielle Rousseau as the “Dark Territory”.


With only five officers surviving the shipwreck, Jonas Whitfield elected to kill the surviving prisoners lest, if freed, they should turn on their captors. He was about to kill Richard when the Monster attacked the ship, killing the remaining crew and Jonas, but leaving Richard alive, chained below decks. Days passed, with Richard slowly growing weaker in his attempts to free himself. During this time wild boar entered the hold through a breach in the hull to scavenge on the dead. Not long after this, Richard was visited by the Man in Black in the form of Isabella. Hearing the return of the Man in Black’s Monster form, he told her to run, helplessly listening to her screams as she was seemingly attacked upon going above deck. Later, the Man in Black entered the hold and freed Richard from his chains after striking an agreement. Liberated but severely weakened, Richard then left the Black Rock, supported by the Man in Black. (“Ab Aeterno”)

The Black Rock & The Monster


Danielle Rousseau took the survivors into the Dark Territory to retrieve sticks of dynamite from the Black Rock, a ship that was located unusually deep in the Island’s jungle. (“Exodus, Part 1”)

The Monster appeared to be more active in this region; it attacked the survivors during their mission to retrieve dynamite from the Black Rock, nearly pulling Locke underground. (“Exodus, Part 2”)

The blast door map contained the phrase, “Primary nexus of Cerberus related activity”, in close proximity to the Black Rock. (“Lockdown”) Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof confirmed that “Cerberus” was an alias for the the Monster at Comic Con 2007’s Lost panel.

Before the crash

The Dark Territory was where Danielle Rousseau’s science expedition first encountered the Others. Also according to Rousseau, this was where her teammates became infected with the Sickness. One member of Rousseau’s team, Montand, lost his arm in the Dark Territory after it was ripped off by the Smoke Monster. The Temple was located inside of the Dark Territory. (“This Place Is Death”).

After the crash (Season Five)


The science expedition was heading towards the radio tower, led by Jin, when Nadine went missing. The group searched for her in the Dark Territory, and encountered the Monster. The Monster dragged Montand to a temple, and attempted to pull him inside of a cerberus vent. The science crew tried to pull him back, but the Monster ripped off one of his arms, succeeding in dragging Montand into the vent. (“This Place Is Death”)

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Wiki Info

Eurynome was a Queen of the Titans. A second derivation of her name, “wide-ruling” can be taken from the Greek words eurys “wide” + nomos “law” or “ruling”. This Eurynome was an early Titan queen who ruled Olympus beside her husband Ophion. The pair were wrestled for their thrones by Cronus and Rhea who cast them down into the earth-encircling river Oceanus. She may have been the same as the Titan Tethys whose river-god sons nurtured the pastures and whose daughter Eurynome was goddess of pasturelands.

Eurynome’s husband Ophion “the Serpent” was similar to Tethys’ husband Oceanus, who in classical art was represented with a serpentine-fish tail in place of legs and holding a snake (ophis). It is also possible that Ophion and Eurynome (daughter of Oceanus) were equated with Uranus (Heaven) and Gaia (Earth). In the Orphic Theogonies Gaia was the daughter of Hydrus (Water), a primordial being similar to Oceanus. It was Uranus who Cronus wrestles for the throne of Olympus in Hesiod’s Theogony.

Eurynome was worshipped at the confluence of the rivers Neda and Lymax in Arcadia. Her xoanon, which could only be viewed when her sanctuary was opened once a year, was a wooden statue bound in golden chains depicting a woman’s upper body and the lower body of a fish. Her son Asopus was the god of a nearby stream in the adjacent region of Sikyonia. The fish-tailed goddess, Eurynome, worshipped in Arcadia, may have been Eurynome wife of Ophion, Tethys the wife of Oceanus, Eurynome mother of the Charites, the goddess of the river Neda, or a watery Artemis.

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Mythological Family Members & Associated Deities

OPHION (Consort)









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