Season: 3, Episodes: 1, Faction: The Others


Diane was a member of the Others. She was a member of the strike team that raided the beach camp.

Fertility (Water)

Fertility (Earth)

Sun (Fire)


Cow (Bull)

Day 90

3×22 – Through the Looking Glass


Diane appeared to have been the only female member of the strike team sent to kidnap the women from the beach camp. Upon arriving at the beach camp, she informed Pryce that Juliet had done her job and that three of the camp’s tents were marked with white coral. Unlike the other members of the strike team, Diane wasn’t equipped with a live firearm, but instead with what appeared to be some sort of drug-delivery device loaded with a substance (most likely a sedative to use on the pregnant women).


She was one of the first to realize that the marked tents were in fact rigged with dynamite, but perished in the subsequent explosion of a tent which was detonated by Sayid. (“Through the Looking Glass, Part 1”)

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Decoded Season 1 & 2 Characters

Sayid Jarrah



Decoded Season 3 Characters

Ryan Pryce



Key Episode(s) to Decoding the Character

3x22 "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1"

(Thenenet, Tjenenyet, Tenenet, Tanent) Tjenenet is depicted as a woman wearing either the solar disk and uraeus, in the manner of Hathor, or the symbol of a cow’s uterus, like Meskhenet. It has been argued (Derchain-Urtel 1979) that Tjenenet wears this latter symbol in her role as the guarantor of the king’s rebirth at his coronation, marking his entry into the cosmic and eternal sphere of activity as Meskhenet presided over his entry into the mundane realm. In CT spell 939, the operator states “I am one who is in front of Tjenenet, <I am> one greater than my father,” implying the second birth. The same formula recurs in CT spell 112, “for not letting a man’s heart sit down against him,” this phrase perhaps meaning to be struck by depression. The spell refers to wailing at the sight of Seth—i.e., at the murder of Osiris—and warns that “this heart of mine sits down against me and it weeps for itself,” before affirming that “this heart of mine has not forsaken me, I am he who is in front of Tjenenet.” The disposition ‘in front of Tjenenet’ perhaps refers to being reborn in her presence. On account of her name, Tjenenet is speculated to have been originally regarded as the feminine counterpart of Tatenen, but her attested consort is typically Montu. Tjenenet’s name also resembles that of a sanctuary glossed at BD spell 17 as “the tomb of Osiris.” The place where the sun sets is “the gate of the tjenenet-sanctuary” (BD spell 1B), and in BD spell 100 the tjenenet-sanctuary is the place where the soul of the deceased “disembarks or embarks in the bark of Re, while the corpse remains on its seat.” In BD spell 17 those who reside in the tjenenet-sanctuary are said to be brought “suppers of faïence,” which the ancient commentator identifies with “sky and earth.” Tjenenet is considered sometimes as the daughter of Atum and Mut.


Wiki Info

Tenenet, alts. Zenenet, Tanenet, Tenenit, Manuel de Codage transliteration Tnn.t, was an ancient Egyptian goddess of beer. She is mentioned in texts dating from the Ptolemaic period as well as in the Book of the Dead.


Her cult centre was at Hermonthis. She was a consort of Monthu. She was later merged with Rat-Taui, Isis and Anit. Her shape was human and on her head she wore a symbol similar to Meskhenet’s.

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Mythological Family Members & Associated Deities

TATENEN (Counterpart)

MONTHU (Consort)








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