Scott Jackson

Season: 1 & 3, Episodes: 9, Faction: Survivors


Scott Jackson was a middle section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815. His character was commonly mistaken for Steve Jenkins, a confusion that became a running joke in the script. Scott survived on the Island for 28 days before he was murdered, most likely by Ethan Rom.

Fertility (Water)



Before the crash 

1×15 – Homecoming

Scott worked in sales for an internet company and lived in Santa Cruz. He had won a two-week vacation in Australia and was returning home when the crash occurred. (“Homecoming”)

According to Dustin Watchman, Scott was friends with Steve before the flight, and they had traveled to Australia together.

3×14 – Exposé


The day of the flight, he walked past Nikki and Paulo while Boone asked them to borrow a chair from their table at the Sydney Airport. (“Exposé”)

Days 1-44

1×01 – Pilot, Part 1


Scott first appeared during the initial aftermath of the crash and was one of the many who helped the injured directly after the crash. Scott joined others that night to hear the roars and sounds of the Monster emanating from within the jungle. (“Pilot, Part 1”)

1×04 – Walkabout   


After the group began to panic about their supplies, Sayid made a speech about forming teams to gather items from the wreckage, and he was present to hear this. The next day, he helped gather wood for the mass funeral and attended the funeral for crash victims. (“Walkabout”)

1×05 – White Rabbit


The next day Scott and the camp saw a woman drowning in the sea, but they were unable to help her. 


That night, when the group turned on Boone for stealing water, he was with “SBSSG” and listened to Jack make his “live together, die alone” speech. (“White Rabbit”)

1×07 – The Moth


Scott and Steve formed a friendship of sorts on the Island, which was most likely what led to people mistaking them for each other. After Jack made a decision to move into the jungle and use the caves as a suitable living space, Scott and Steve decided to stay on the beach.


On Day 8, Scott was with Steve and Jerome at the beach when Charlie rushed to the beach to inform the survivors that Jack was caught in a cave collapse. Michael asked Scott and Steve to help him, however mistaking them for each other. He was then seen trying to help. (“The Moth”)

1×09 – Solitary


Scott and Steve were also present for Hurley’s “Island Open” golf tournament and Jack’s climactic putt. (“Solitary”)

1×10 – Raised by Another


After the attack on Claire in the caves, Scott and Steve helped Hurley look around for who possibly attacked her. The next day he and Steve were at the beach folding clothes, while Hurley conducted his survey. (“Raised by Another”)

1×11 – All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues


Scott was at the caves when Jack asked the group if they had seen Ethan. (“All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues”)

1×15 – Homecoming


On day 28 Scott’s corpse was found on the beach, with several broken bones, battered and bloody. He was allegedly murdered by Ethan when the group did not give Claire back, as he said he would kill the rest of the group one by one.


Scott was the first person buried in the survivors’ graveyard, and Hurley gave his eulogy at his funeral and apologized for mistaking him for Steve so often. (“Homecoming”)

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Wiki Info

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In literature

The Cocytus river was one of the rivers that surrounded Hades. Cocytus, along with the other rivers related to the underworld, was a common topic for ancient authors. Of the ancient authors, Cocytus was mentioned by Homer, Cicero, Aeschylus and Plato, among others.

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In The Divine Comedy

In Inferno, the first cantica of Dante’s Divine Comedy, Cocytus is the ninth and lowest circle of Hell. Dante and Virgil are placed there by the giant Antaeus, there are other Giants around the rim chained, however Antaeus is unchained as he died before the Gigantomachy. Cocytus is referred to as a frozen lake rather than a river, although it originates from the same source as the other infernal rivers, the tears of a statue called The Old Man of Crete which represents the sins of humanity. Dante describes Cocytus as being the home of traitors and those who committed acts of complex fraud. Depending on the form of their treachery, victims are buried in ice to a varying degree, anywhere from neck-high to completely submerged in ice. Cocytus is divided into four descending “rounds,” or sections:

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Dante’s Satan is at the center of the circle buried waist-high in ice. He is depicted with three faces and mouths. The central mouth gnaws Judas. Judas is chewed head foremost with his feet protruding and Satan’s claws tearing his back while those gnawed in the side mouths, Brutus and Cassius, leading assassins of Julius Caesar, are both chewed feet foremost with their heads protruding. Under each chin Satan flaps a pair of wings, which only serve to increase the cold winds in Cocytus and further imprison him and other traitors. Dante and his guide Virgil proceed then to climb down Satan’s back and into Purgatory, though Dante is at first confused at their turning round, but Virgil explains it is due to the change in forces as they pass through the centre of the Earth.

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