Nikki & Paulo


Nikki Fernandez was one of the middle section survivors from Flight 815. She spent most of her time on the Island isolated from the other survivors with her boyfriend Paulo. Before the island, she had staged an affair a producer whom the pair then murdered and robbed. They lost the diamonds they stole in the crash and spent much of their time on the island trying to recover them. After her greed and anger drove her to throw a female Medusa spider onto Paulo, a male spider bit her, paralyzing her. The survivors mistook her for dead and killed her by burying her alive.

Paulo was one of the middle section survivors of Flight 815. Before the crash, he worked as a chef. He and Nikki Fernandez conspired and murdered Howard L. Zukerman so they could steal his diamonds. They spent most of their time on the Island searching for these diamonds to the exclusion of almost everything else. He eventually found the diamonds, but hid them from Nikki, for fear he had outlived his usefulness and she would leave him. Nikki later found out he had the diamonds, and threw a female Medusa spider at him, which bit him and induced a death-like paralysis in him. He subsequently died as a result of being buried alive with Nikki while paralyzed, unable to save himself.

Season 3 Flashback Characters

Howard L. Zuckerman

Mr. LaShade



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