Ben’s Hit List 


Ben created a list for Sayid of people to kill who allegedly work for Charles Widmore. Sayid reveals this to Elsa, a woman he is dating whose employer is on Ben’s list, in “The Economist”. The list includes Peter Avellino, who is murdered by Sayid, along with Elsa’s employer and group of “others” that Sayid tells Ben will anticipate him coming after them. Sayid suggests that there is more than one person left to kill when speaking with Ben. This means that there are at least four people on the list including Avellino and Elsa’s employer.

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Flashforward (Sayid) – Decoded Characters


Guy In Car

Ishmael Bakir

Peter Avellino

Flashforward (Oceanic Six) – Decoded Characters

Karen Decker



Flashforward (Hurley) – Decoded Characters

Michael's Mother


Flashforward (Sun) – Decoded Characters

Ji Yeon Kwon

Flashforward (Ben) – Decoded Characters

London Doorman


The Bedouin #1

The Bedouin #2

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