Season: 3, Episodes: 1, Faction: N/A


Johnny worked at an auto-repair shop in Iowa and drove his eponymous tow-truck.

Fertility (Earth)

Fertility (Vegetation)

Fertility (Water)

Sun (Fire)


3×15 – Left Behind


When Kate’s car broke down in rural farmland, he helped by bringing her car back to a service station, where he told her he would fix it. He said it would take three days to get a new fan belt.


He later inquired as to whether there was any trouble when Cassidy and another man started raising their voices. (“Left Behind”)

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Cassidy Phillips

Diane Janssen

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Federal Agent

Juliet Burke

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3x15 "Left Behind"

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Carmanor or Karmanor was a Cretan demi-god related to the harvest; his name might derive from keiro, “to cut/shear”. He was the Lord of Tarrha, Crete (in the Greek Aegean) and the Cretan consort to Demeter in Greek mythology, with whom he had a son, Euboulos, the patron of ploughing, and another son Chrysothemis, a singer. They also had a daughter named Akakallis. He was later killed by a jealous Zeus with a lightingbolt.

Carmanor’s granddaughter, who shares the same powers and function and name origin, was named Karme (Carme). The name Karmanor could contain a reference to her name, simply meaning “the man of Karme”, an epithet with the masculine -or suffix describing his role; Karmanor was a double of Iacchus, the consort of Demeter, and was the purifier of Apollo after he had slain the earth-dragon Pytho, that possessed Delphi. “The name does not appear to be Greek”, observed Walter Burkert of Karmanor.

Carmanor is considered by some to be identified with Iasion, another consort of Demeter who is located in Crete.


Mythological Family Members & Associated Deities

DEMETER (Consort)







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