Season 2

Season: 1–6, Episodes: 108, Faction: Survivors


Katherine Anne Austen, more commonly known as Kate, was one of the survivors from the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Before the crash, Kate spent years fleeing the law after killing her abusive father. To achieve her goals, she would commit several other crimes and would turn to bank robbery, assault and seduction.

On the Island, she became an integral member of the survivors’ society, forming strong bonds with Jack and Sawyer and also becoming close with Claire and Sun. Resourceful, quick-witted and mysteriously reclusive, she participated in many missions while attempting to hide her troubled past from the rest of the survivors.

Kate was captured by the Others along with Jack and Sawyer, but she eventually escaped the Island with five other survivors. Kate went on trial for her various crimes and accepted a ten-year probation order. She was briefly engaged to Jack, but his drug and alcohol problems ended their relationship. She also raised Aaron Littleton as her son, but she finally decided to return to the island to rescue his mother, Claire.

Once she returned to the Island, Kate was stranded in 1977 with the other survivors. She worked for the DHARMA Initiative and saved a young Benjamin Linus’s life. She then time-traveled to 2007, where she found an “infected” Claire. Kate joined the Man in Black’s side, but she did not trust him. She helped Jack to kill the Man in Black and then escaped the island with Claire. Jack and Kate were reunited in the afterlife and moved on with their friends.

Days 44–67

2×01 – Man of Science, Man of Faith


After returning to the caves with Jack and Hurley, John Locke and Kate agreed to venture further inside the Hatch. Being the lighter weight, Kate went down the Hatch first, counting to five to ease her fears. Her harness cable came loose and she fell to the bottom of the Hatch. (“Man of Science, Man of Faith”)

2×02 – Adrift


Desmond ordered Locke to tie her up and lock her in pantry. (“Adrift”)

2×03 – Orientation


Kate freed herself with a knife that Locke had slipped her and climbed into an air vent to help him and Jack. She hit Desmond from behind with a gun, but she damaged the computer in the process. To fix the computer, she ran to the beach to find Sayid. (“Orientation”)

2×04 – Everybody Hates Hugo


Kate joined the team that entered numbers into the Swan computer and also exploited the Swan’s pantry, taking shampoo against Hurley’s wishes, which led to Jack catching her in a towel after a sulfur-odored shower. (“Everybody Hates Hugo”)

2×05 – …And Found


Kate helped Sun to find her wedding ring when it went missing, and the women developed a close friendship. (“…And Found”)

2×11 – The Hunting Party


When Michael tried rescuing his son from the Others, a group decided to go after him. Jack would not allow Kate to come, but she followed them regardless and was captured Tom and Pickett, two members of the Others. When the group confronted the Others, Tom threatened to hurt Kate if they did not leave. Jack remained hostile towards Kate for a while despite her several apologies. (“The Hunting Party”)

2×13 – The Long Con


Kate and Sawyer discovered an unconscious Sun, who had been attacked by an unknown figure. Sawyer tricked Kate into blaming Ana-Lucia. After discovering his con and involvement in the attack, Kate confronted him and demanded to know why he would use her in his own exploits. (“The Long Con”)

2×12 – Fire + Water


Kate remained with a worried Claire when it appeared that Charlie had kidnapped baby Aaron. (“Fire + Water”)

2×15 – Maternity Leave


Claire began recalling memories of Ethan, and Kate helped her to find Rousseau.


Claire and Rousseau searched the Staff for vaccines to cure Aaron, while Kate discovered the Others’ apparent costumes. (“Maternity Leave”)

2×16 – The Whole Truth


After they returned, Sun confided in Kate that she suspected herself to be pregnant. Kate waited with her for the pregnancy test results and advised Sun to consult Jack about the matter. (“The Whole Truth”)

2×19 – S.O.S.


The next day, Jack and Kate tried to trade Ben for Walt by traveling to the the Line and they were briefly caught in one of Rousseau’s traps. Kate told Jack about finding the Others’ costumes and apologized for kissing him. Jack replied that he did not regret their kiss. An injured Michael suddenly appeared out of the bushes. (“S.O.S.”)

 2×20 – Two for the Road


Jack and Kate brought him to the Hatch and went to Sawyer for guns to attack the Others. (“Two for the Road”)

2×21 – ?


On their return, they discovered Ana-Lucia and Libby had been shot. Kate accompanied Sawyer to fetch heroin to ease Libby’s pain.


When Libby was fatally shot, Kate was forced to break the devastating news to Hurley. (“?”)

2×22 – Three Minutes


Kate & Hurley dug the graves for Ana Lucia & Libby at the beach (grave site). (“Three Minutes”)

2×23 – Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1


Unaware of Michael’s intentions to help the Others, Kate joined the squad of survivors that Michael had suggested to rescue Walt. 


Along the way, Kate spotted members of the Others tracking them; she and Sawyer attempted to kill them with their guns. Jack revealed that he knew Michael had betrayed the survivors, but they continued on their mission regardless. (“Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1”)

2×24 – Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2


The Others were able to capture Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley and took them to the Pala Ferry. Kate and Jack exchanged worried glances before being shrouded with bags over their heads. (“Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2”)

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