Eva Jarrah

Season: 6, Episodes: 1, Faction: N/A


In Sayid’s afterlife, Eva Jarrah is his niece. She is the daughter of Nadia and Omer, Sayid’s brother.

Sun (Fire)


Fertility (Water)

6×06 – Sundown


When Sayid arrives at Nadia and Omer’s house, Eva is excited to see him and asks where he was. Later, she and her brother, Sam, run off to find Sayid’s bag. Eva discovered a picture of her mother, Nadia, in Sayid’s bag and shows it to her mother. (“Sundown”)

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Decoded Family Members

Sayid's Father (Grandfather)

Omer Jarrah (Father)

Nadia Jaseem (Mother)

Sayid Jarrah (Uncle)

Sam Jarrah (Brother)

Key Episode(s) to Decoding the Character

6x06 "Sundown"

(Iunet, Iunit) Goddess of Hermonthis (Armant), the city known in Egyptian as Iunu-shemê. Iunyt’s consort is Montu, with whom she forms a triad with Tjenênet.


Further Info

A goddess of family localized importance in the Theban region, Iunit was incorporated into the local ennead of Karnak in New Kingdom times. Along with the goddess Tjenenyet, she was venerated as the consort of the ancient falcon war god Montu in the town of Armant (Hermonthis) a little to the south of Thebes. Her name means ‘She-of-Armant’, and although the goddess first appears in reliefs dated to the reign of Mentuhotep III of the 11th Dynasty, it is thought that she may have been worshipped there from very early times. It is perhaps possible, though not likely, that she is the goddess of the same name mentioned in the Pyramid Texts (PT 1066). The female deity Raet, also known from the Theban region, seems to be related to Iunit and may possibly represented a solar aspect of the goddess of Armant.

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Mythological Family Members
& Associated Deities

MONTHU (Consort)


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