Dr. Leslie Arzt

Season: 1, Episodes: 9, Faction: Survivors


Dr. Leslie Arzt was a middle section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815. He was a high school science teacher who managed to discover many new species of insects and arachnids, including the Medusa spider, but was killed on the Island while handling dynamite near the Black Rock on Day 44.



Fertility (Water)

Fertility (Vegetation)


Before the Island

1×24 – Exodus, Part 2

Leslie Arzt was a ninth-grade science teacher who married three times. (“Exodus, Part 2”)

Mobisode x09 – Tropical Depression

Sometime before the crash, he had met a woman on the Internet using a picture of his friend Nick. They arranged to meet in Sydney, but the woman disappeared after he had ordered lobster in a restaurant. Arzt decided not to go out into the Sydney nightlife, but to book an early flight home instead. This turned out to be Oceanic Flight 815. (“Tropical Depression”)

1×25 – Exodus, Part 3


He was in line talking to another man when Hurley was rushing to make it onto Flight 815


He also helped a very pregnant Claire store her luggage in the overhead compartment of the plane. (“Exodus, Part 3”)

On the Island (Days 1-20)

3×14 – Exposé


Arzt woke up amid the wreckage on the beach. Nikki, thinking he was someone else, helped him up and Arzt asked her if they were still alive. A few days later, Arzt ran past a group of survivors yelling that Boone had taken the water. Then everyone was distracted by Jack, who gave his “live together, die alone” speech. (“Exposé”)

Mobisode x07 – Arzt & Crafts

When Jack wanted all the survivors to move to the caves, Arzt expressed his doubts that it was a good idea. He told some of the other survivors, including Hurley and Michael, that he doubted Jack’s ability to lead them. Just then everyone heard the monster, and Arzt changed his mind, deciding he would be safer in the caves than he would on the beach. (“Arzt & Crafts”)

3×14 – Exposé


Arzt had a small structure built for himself where he kept a large collection of island insects which he said were previously undiscovered species. When approached by Nikki, Arzt told her about a dangerous spider and, at her request, helped her figure out where her luggage might have been thrown from the plane. He ineffectually flirted with Nikki and comically tried to impress her. A few days later, Arzt and Shannon argued with Kate because the guns from the Marshal’s case were kept secret. (“Exposé”)

Days 43-44

1×22 – Born to Run


Arzt warned Michael that he shouldn’t wait to set sail on the raft because of the trade winds shifting south. He used a windsock to demonstrate them, claiming he knew all of this because of his profession. Sawyer questioned why they should listen to a science teacher and Arzt replied, “Because I’m a doctor, and you’re a hillbilly.” (“Born to Run”)

Mobisode x09 – Tropical Depression


However, Arzt later revealed to Michael he had made the whole monsoon season story up just to get Michael to launch the raft as soon as possible. He apologized for lying and expressed his faith in them being able to bring back help, saying that he’d be the first to greet them when they came back. (“Tropical Depression”)

1×23 – Exodus, Part 1


When Locke suggested hiding survivors inside the hatch, Jack and a group of survivors set out on a mission to the Black Rock to retrieve dynamite to blow open the hatch door. Arzt volunteered to go along with them, saying he knew “how to handle volatile dynamite better than anyone else.” (“Exodus, Part 1”)

1×24 – Exodus, Part 2


Danielle Rousseau led the group into the woods and abandoned them once they had reached the old slave ship. Jack, Kate and Locke found a crate of old and very unstable dynamite inside the vessel and brought it to Arzt, who, ironically, triggered one of the sticks and blew himself up while lecturing the others on how to handle it.


Pieces of his body scattered throughout the area. The rest of the group took this as a warning as they continued to wrap the dynamite in wet cloth. When Jack and Locke pulled out the dynamite from the box, a shaken Hurley pointed to something on Jack’s back, saying, “You have some… Arnzt… on you.” (“Exodus, Part 2”)


3×14 – Exposé

After Arzt’s death, Nikki took his insects and kept them at her own campsite. She later used the Medusa spider Arzt told her about to paralyze Paulo. (“Exposé”)

6×07 – Dr. Linus


Arzt’s death was later mentioned by Hurley to Richard. (“Dr. Linus”)

Oceanic Flight 815 & LAX

6×01 – LA X, Part 1


In the flash sideways, Arzt recognized fellow passenger Hugo Reyes from his commercials for Mr. Cluck’s Chicken. He asked Hugo to do one of the voices from his commercials, and laughed hysterically when Hugo finally gave in. He excitedly told James Ford that Hugo was the owner of Mr. Cluck’s, but James was indifferent. Arzt then asked Hugo how a guy like him was able to buy a major corporation, and Hugo explained that he won the lottery and liked chicken, so he bought it. Arzt looked disappointed and slightly irritated with this answer before walking away. (“LA X, Part 1”)

6×02 – LA X, Part 2


In the airport, Arzt saw Sayid Jarrah at the baggage claim and stared at him for a moment. (“LA X, Part 2”)

6×03 – What Kate Does


Later, Arzt walked in front of Kate and Claire’s cab and yelled at the driver when the cab almost hit him. Kate ordered the driver to keep going, and the cab ran over Arzt’s suitcase, which made Arzt even more angry. (“What Kate Does”)

As a School Teacher

6×07 – Dr. Linus


At work, Arzt sat with fellow teacher Dr. Linus in the teacher’s lounge and they complained to each other about the school’s lack of resources and about the inadequacy of the principal, Don Reynolds. Substitute teacher John Locke suggested that Ben become the principal. Later, Ben asked Arzt to hack into the school nurse’s email account. Ben believed she might be engaging in inappropriate sexual activities with Reynolds on the school grounds, and he wanted to have some evidence to use in blackmailing Reynolds out of his job. Arzt agreed to help Ben in exchange for some new lab equipment and a good parking space. Arzt was disappointed when Ben decided not to blackmail Reynolds, so Ben gave away his own parking spot to Arzt. (“Dr. Linus”)

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Key Episode(s) to Decoding the Character

1x22 "Born to Run"

1x23-24 "Exodus"

3x14 "Exposé"

6x01-02 "LA X"

6x03 "What Kate Does"

6x07 "Dr. Linus"

(Dedun) A Nubian God who features in Egyptian texts chiefly as a provider of incense, a major Nubian export, and as a representative of Nubia generally. Dedwen is depicted anthropomorphically, and is characterized in typical fashion in utterance 437 of the Pyramid Texts as “the youth of Upper Egypt who came out of Nubia; he gives you [the king] the incense wherewith the Gods are censed.” Dedwen is also referred to as presiding over Nubia, sometimes in contexts where the limits of Egyptian sovereignty are being symbolically established; hence in utterances 480 and 572 Dedwen is juxtaposed to Soped, who is associated with the Sinai Peninsula, another region at the limits of Egyptian control which was also a source of a precious commodity, namely turquoise. In spells 345 and 346 of the Coffin Texts, it is said of the deceased that “Dedwen makes his perfume of what is in you,” or “from your skin”, the sweetness of aroma being a symbol for the reversal of the process of decay.

A Late Period hieratic papyrus concerning the cult topography of the Delta (Brooklyn papyrus 47.218.84) incorporates Dedwen into a myth known from other sources in which Horus, angered at his mother for freeing Seth, decapitates her. This version states that in the wake of his misdeed “Dedwen made Horus fly off into the sky and inflicted the same thing upon him [Horus],” i.e., decapitated him (Meeks, §26). It is perhaps to be noted in this connection that Dedwen was worshiped near Oxyrhynchus as the son of Taweret and Osiris (Meeks, p. 262), and that in the Late Period his name was occasionally written Djed-wen, “the enduring existent”, indicating strong Osirian associations.

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Dedwen is another of the Anthropomorphic gods, presiding over Nubia and its access to resources such as incense, who was at times worshipped in ancient Egypt. In the Pyramid Texts the king is honored as Dedwen lord of Nubia. The royal aroma is that of the incense brought by Dedwen for the gods. The connection with the monarch is also seen in the fact that Dedwen burns incense at royal births. Temples in Nubia were built for Dedwen by Tuthmosis III at el-Lessiya and Uronarti but there is no evidence for a cult center of this god north of Aswan.


Denwen was a fiery serpent god attested in the Pyramid Era, hence very old. He would have caused a conflagration destroying other deities were he not prevented from doing so by the king.


Wiki Info

Dedun (or Dedwen) was a Nubian god worshipped during ancient times in that part of Africa and attested as early as 2400 BC. There is much uncertainty about his original nature, especially since he was depicted as a lion, a role which usually was assigned to the son of another deity. Nothing is known of the earlier Nubian mythology from which this deity arose, however. The earliest known information in Egyptian writings about Dedun indicates that he already had become a god of incense by the time of the writings. Since at this historical point, incense was an extremely expensive luxury commodity and Nubia was the source of much of it, he was quite an important deity. The wealth that the trade in incense delivered to Nubia led to his being identified by them as the god of prosperity, and of wealth in particular.

He is said to have been associated with a fire that threatened to destroy the other deities, however, leading many Nubiologists to speculate that there may have been a great fire at a shared complex of temples to different deities, that started in a temple of Dedun, although there are no candidate events known for this.

Although mentioned in the pyramid texts of Ancient Egypt as being a Nubian deity, there is no evidence that Dedun was worshipped by the Egyptians, nor that he was worshipped in any location north of Swenet (contemporary Aswan), which was considered the most southerly city of Ancient Egypt. Nevertheless, in the Middle Kingdom of Egypt, during the Egyptian rule over Kush, Dedun was said by the Egyptians to be the protector of deceased Nubian rulers and their god of incense, thereby associated with funerary rites.

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Mythological Family Members & Associated Deities

OSIRIS (Father)

TAWERET (Mother)




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